Experience in All Markets

    Nothing replaces the value of well-established experience. Bill has more than 25 years of investment advisory experience, helping clients through all market cycles. He takes the burden of making critically important investment decisions off your shoulders.

    Our History

    Bill works with a select group of clients so he can guarantee each client receives his high standard of service and attention. This may be a simple philosophy, but Bill deeply believes that successful investment management is about providing quality service and being available to his clients 24/7.

    Miller Investment has grown over the years. Today, Bill is accepting a select number of new clients per year.


    Our Philosophy

    Bill has a passion for the economy, asset allocation, and taking a basic and essential approach to managing an investment portfolio that’s just right for you.


    The Classics Never Go Out of Style

    Bill believes that quality, time-tested investment strategies never go out of style. Trends come and go, but quality stays the same.


    Hard Work Makes the Dream Work

    Work hard and make prudent choices. That’s how you build your dreams. You work hard for your money and Bill works hard for you.


    Everybody Needs a Good Friend

    You can’t do it alone. Everybody needs an advisor who takes the time to understand them and truly cares about helping them.


    Be Humble, but Always Be Prepared

    Make sure you have the right tools for the job. That’s why Bill affiliates with Commonwealth Financial Network®.

    Meet Our Advisor